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How Contract and Private Label Supplement Manufacturers Can Help You Build Your Brand

Urban lifestyle leads to multiple nutrition problems and deterioration in both physical and mental health. According to Mintel survey, half of the millennials are consuming vitamins and supplements more often than they did before the pandemic. This has led to the growth of health supplement business globally.

Being a brand owner, it is crucial to understand that choosing a reliable supplement manufacturer is the definite key success factor in growing your business on the right track.

Read on to understand the differences between the two distinct approaches for supplement manufacturing:

1. Contract Supplement Manufacturing

In this model, the brand owner will have to get in touch with a manufacturer to handle the entire product development process based on the specifications agreed upon both parties.

What benefit do they get from this?

This collaboration can help brand owners to customize desired supplement product easily. All the professional advices, formulation development and manufacturing processes will be taken care by the supplement manufacturer itself. Not all contract manufacturers will have a strong connection with raw material suppliers and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce high-quality supplements like we do.

2. Private Label Supplement Manufacturing

A hassle-free collaboration, as compared to the first model mentioned above. Private label manufacturing refers to companies that produce ready-made formulations and sell directly to brand owners for rebranding.

What benefit do they get from this?

Brand owners can launch the ready-made dietary product into the market more quickly owing to the fact that the formulation development has been completed beforehand. Minor modifications in terms of taste, flavour, mouthfeel and packaging design can be done as per request. The best part is, we even have the product story ready for each formulation that is developed.

All in all, our aim is to accommodate customers’ request in order to bring their brands to a greater height. From concept to shelf, we develop a unique storyline for each product, supported by relevant market insights in order to help customers to launch a product that can stay competitive in the coming years.