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The Product Development Process for Custom Nutraceutical Formulation in Malaysia

In recent years, nutraceutical has been widely used in preventive healthcare as consumers are highly concerned about the association between diet and supplementation with overall health and wellbeing. Unlike foods obtained from daily diet, supplements are formulated to provide health-promoting effects and target specific health area, which is beyond basic nutrition. Custom supplement formulations have emerged as an opportunity to address special health needs aside from boosting general health.

This article will be explaining the step-by-step product development process to bring concept to reality.

1. Project Enquiry

The Birth of an Idea
In the initial phase, customers will go through a brainstorming session with sales representative to discuss the latest market trend in the nutraceutical industry, followed by innovative product concepts

2. Prototype Development

The Next Big Thing
Aside from market insights sharing, research and development is touted as a key process that provides nutritional advices to customers in order to equip them with the best of knowledge prior to formulation development. Not only that, ingredient and sample evaluation will also be carried out to ensure the satisfaction of brand owners for the heavy investments that they are putting in.

3. Purchase Order Placement

Top Notch Ingredients
Each formulation consists of more than one ingredient that are sourced from multiple countries. Upon purchasing the raw materials, our R&D personnel will conduct thorough laboratory testing to ensure the safety profile of ingredients. To fully characterize the formulation, an extensive array of testing can also be conducted depending on customers’ request.

4. Packaging Design & Regulatory Consultation

Finalise the Details
Regulatory application and labelling advisory are probably the most tedious task and difficult to accomplish as it involves the local authority. Our long-standing experience in the field of regulatory affairs has enabled us to successfully registered numerous health products up to date.

On the other hand, it is quite evident that a unique packaging design will help to convey quality perception and to tell a brand’s story in a captivating way. Our representative will guide you through with the proposed packaging design and material that aligns with your brand identity and values.

5. Production

Quality is King
One of the most crucial steps in the entire product development process. All our manufacturing facilities are compliant with HACCP, MESTI, HALAL, GMP and ISO 22000 to optimize product safety. Stringent quality control and assurance is our promise to customers as each batch of products will be reviewed under scrutiny by expertise who are specialised in the respective field.

6. Distribution

Timely Delivery
Efficient logistic planning is important to ensure smooth delivery of goods. Our representative will keep customers well-informed regarding the status of goods from production to expected delivery. Every batch of goods are delivered in flawless condition and within the promised timeframe.

7. After Sales Service

Flourishing Business
It is mandatory for our sales representative to keep in touch with customers to understand their future needs. It is also a great chance discuss about future product development to produce more commercially feasible products

The best time to start is always now. Enhance and distinguish your nutraceutical products with our innovative finished product development services.

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