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The Importance of Health & Dietary Supplements in Our Daily Lives

Health is wealth.

Good nutrition helps fuel your body for healthy growth and development, as well as repair of damaged tissue. Dietary supplements are not mandatory, but they are necessary.

1. Fill the Nutritional Gap

Indeed, nutrients can be obtained from daily diet. However, it may only be sufficient for people with basic nutrient requirements. Certain groups of people may need more than that, and diet alone will not suffice.

  • Vegetarians and vegans: Often lack of vitamin B12, iron, calcium and zinc
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers: Require higher vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium and folic acid
  • Athletes: Require higher B vitamins

2. Enhance Nutrient Absorption

Malabsorption is a common issue among elderly. It happens when the body cannot break down and absorb nutrients like how it used to be. On top of that, for those who are taking medications, it may further deplete essential nutrients. Hence, supplementation is necessary.

3. Achieve Daily Nutrient Needs

Depending on food preference or allergies, some individuals may not be able to meet their daily requirements. For example:

  • Oranges – provide vitamin C
  • Bananas – provide potassium
  • Milk – provide calcium

The question is, how much do you need to eat in a day to hit the daily requirement? What about those with lactose intolerance?

In consideration of the factors above, supplementation is definitely a better health solution. There are plenty of dietary supplements in the market for each health category, and this creates a great competition among brand owners. Only the most innovative, creative and high-quality supplement will stand out in the eyes of the consumer.

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