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Tips for Choosing a Reliable OEM Manufacturer for Dietary Supplements

Entrepreneurs have to take risks and bold actions in order to bring their business to the next level. However, that does not mean that they should randomly pick a supplement manufacturer with no certainty.

It is a major decision to make, hence it is wise to consider the tips below prior to selecting an OEM manufacturer for health and dietary supplements.

1. Connections

Our company has solid partnership with reputable ingredient suppliers from around the world, including award-winning nutraceutical companies.

2. Services

A hassle-free, one-stop solution for product development process as summarized below:

  1. Conceptualization
  2. Research & Development
  3. Ingredient Sourcing
  4. Packaging Design
  5. Product Registration
  6. Production & Quality Assurance
  7. Distribution
  8. After-sales service

It is a comprehensive service that every brand owner needs.

3. Transparency

Transparency in business is highly important to establish trust. No hidden costs and the final production will tally with the sample prototype approved at earlier stage. What you see is what you get.

4. Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients will be chosen to be included in the portfolio. A wide array of generic and science-backed branded ingredients, including exclusive ones are available for selection. Furthermore, consistent supply of ingredients all year round is another plus point worth mentioning.

5. Product Positioning

Every brand has a story to tell. Likewise, every product needs to have a clear product positioning in order to stay competitive in the nutraceutical industry. When it comes to new product development, we always encourage brand owners to “strike while the iron is hot” in order to make wave in the industry.

6. Specialization

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Our staff is well-equipped with nutritional knowledge and professional experience to serve our customers better. Ongoing trainings, discussion and exchange of ideas with technical experts of our branded ingredients happen whole year round to stay updated.

7. Regulatory

The world is changing every day, so as the regulatory updates. It is too troublesome for brand owners to go through the hassle alone for the sake of product registration. Let us do the job on behalf, with swift response and smooth procedure. Aside from that, please be informed that all our manufacturing facilities are certified with HALAL, GMP, HACCP, MESTI and ISO 22000. Stringent quality control is our top priority of all time.

8. Formulation

Supplements these days come in various product form to match consumers’ needs and convenience of consumption. Not all supplements are the same. Ours are developed based on three key features – Innovative, Tasty & Salubrious. Absolutely perfect in taste, colour, aroma and mouthfeel.

9. Creativity

Attractive product packaging design matters, as it will impact the product’s perceived value, quality and appeal. Therefore, building a strong brand image through packaging should be apparent. Our in-house designers are well-qualified to showcase your intended brand identity in your product. 

10. Delivery

Timely delivery is our promise to customers. Every step is well taken care of to ensure a smooth-sailing order fulfillment and goods are handled with proper care until delivery is completed. Additionally, after-sale services and follow-ups will ensure consistent delivery of stocks to customers.

Based on all the tips given above, ITS Finished Product Concept hope to assist brand owners in making calculative decisions to drive supplement product innovation and development together.

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